Classifier Workshop with Miriam Morrow

Signers are often ill-equipped to provide clear representation in ASL through the use of all of the types of classifiers that are available in ASL. This workshop will provide a strong foundation of the major categories of classifiers, including descriptive, element, locative, semantic, plural, and body parts.  Modeling of various classifiers will assist with skill acquisition. Upon completion of the workshop,  participants can anticipate being more comfortable with the production of classifiers in most categories.                      

Locative Classifiers: Represents placement of an object.

Plural Classifiers: Indicates the specific number of something

Element Classifiers: Represents air, liquid, and fire in action.

Body part Classifiers: Represents the action movement from the body.

Miriam Morrow has 26 years of experience teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to children, adults, college students, family members of deaf children, and professionals.  She appears in several ASL educational CD-ROMS for children and adults. She is currently teaching ASL at New York University, and is an ASL consultant nation-wide where she provides professional development on a variety of topics.


Date: February 08, 2015, 10:00am - 2:00pm
Location: Sign Language Center
Price: $85.00
Price includes:

Refreshments and Coffee